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Looking for a high quality herb grinder? That can handle all your favorite herbs! Look no further! The OCB Aluminum Herb Grinder is the best choice for any smoker.


Features Diamond Cut and Brushed Chrome 50mm. Built for durability and efficiency. This herb grinder is made of top quality materials that are designed to last. Featuring sharp teeth and a powerful grinding mechanism, you can easily grind your favorite herbs to the perfect consistency every time.

Whether you're grinding herbs for cooking, smoking this herb grinder delivers consistently and effectively every time. Easy to use and clean. It is the perfect choice for anyone who demands the best quality for their herbs.


Also, with its sleek and stylish design, this OCB herb grinder is perfect for use in any environment. Made in France. So why wait? Invest in OCB's best herb grinder today and try getting the ultimate grinding experience for yourself!



SKU: 3057069270018
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