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The Bree Chardonnay from the wine-growing region of Languedoc presents itself in a brilliant, shimmering golden yellow in the glass. With a little time in the glass, this white wine from Germany reveals wonderfully expressive aromas of guava, pomelo, grapefruit and physalis, rounded off by other fruity nuances.

This white wine from Germany also completely ensnares on the palate. The reason for this is, among other things, a subtle residual sweetness of 11.6 grams per liter, which makes the Bree Chardonnay particularly light. The texture of this light-footed white wine is wonderfully light on the palate. Due to the moderate fruit acidity, the Bree Chardonnay flatters with a soft palate without missing out on juicy liveliness. The finale of this white wine from the Languedoc wine-growing region finally convinces with a beautiful aftertaste.

Recommended is best enjoyed well chilled at 8 - 10°C. It is perfect as an accompanying wine for vegetable salad with beetroot, fruity endive salad or spaghetti with yoghurt mint pesto.


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