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The Bree Merlot from Languedoc shows a brilliant crimson color in the glass. With a little time in the glass, this red wine from Germany offers wonderfully expressive aromas of blackberries, mulberries, blackcurrants and blueberries, rounded off by other fruity nuances.

The Bree Merlot presents itself to wine connoisseurs as wonderfully dry. This red wine is never coarse or sparse, as one would expect from a wine priced at more than 4 euros. This velvety red wine is light-footed and complex on the palate. Due to the moderate fruit acidity, the Bree Merlot flatters with a velvety palate without missing out on juicy liveliness. The finale of this red wine from the Languedoc wine-growing region finally convinces with a beautiful aftertaste.


Recommended the best for enjoy is at a temperature of 15 - 18°C. It goes perfectly as an accompanying wine with vegetable salad with beetroot, asparagus salad with quinoa or fried trout with ginger and pear.


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