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Battling low RH in a wood humidor? Replacing Boveda after only a month? Cigars harsh and burning too fast? Switch to Boveda 75% RH to accommodate for your high amount of moisture loss while maintaining proper RH in your humidor. Such precision is yours when you use Boveda to fine-tune cigar protection for your locale and your humidor.

75% RH is for:

  • Drafty, leaky or inexpensive wood humidors and glass-topped humidors (In an airtight plastic or acrylic humidor, 75% RH is too high.)
  • Challenging cigar conditions—year-round low humidity and high altitudes
  • Better burn if cigars burn too quickly
  • Prefer a more-humidified cigar
  • Up to 1 lb aromatic pipe tobacco

A Single Size 60 is for:

  • Up to a 25-count humidor (For larger humidors, use one Size 60 for every 25 cigars your humidor can hold.)

Boveda 75% Humidity Pack

SKU: 850661003144
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