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The Bee Hookah Phunnel Bowl in many color combinations is a stylish upgrade for any hookah lovers. The bowl has made of high-quality ceramic and features a sleek. The Bee Hookah Bowl is half-glazed design with capacity 14-22 grams of hookah tobacco.

That hookah bowl depth is perfect for holding a good amount of molasses and the special grooves in the bottom help to spread the heat evenly across the bowl, ensuring a consistent smoking experience. It is also designed to offer you the highest level of performance and durability.

Bee Hookah Phunnel Bowl is ready to fit you hookahs because it comes with its grommet and is compatible with most standard shisha setups.

Finally that hookah bowl is an excellent addition to any hookah collection and is perfect for anyone who wants to elevate their shisha experience.


*colors are indicative and may vary. Better to see the description in color


be like a Bee

Bee Hookah Phunnel Bowl

SKU: 5290966030929
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