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Branded humidor set Angelo in root wood design with polymer humidifier, ashtray and cigar cutter

The Angelo root wood brand humidor set in root wood design for approx. 20-35 cigars (depending on the format) is a modern, handcrafted and decorative brand humidor.

The root wood look is very elegant and harmonious.

This Angelo brand humidor impresses with its excellent workmanship with a high-quality sandwich construction and the use of proven, high-quality materials.

With this humidor you can bring a piece of jewelery into your living room, office or bar.

The size is suitable for smaller cigar collections or as a second humidor in the office or wherever. The inside of the humidor is lined with Spanish cedar wood.

The humidor also features neatly embedded, heavy-duty chrome-plated quadrant hinges.

The humidor is also equipped with a hygrometer. This set also includes an ashtray in the same color and a stainless steel cigar cutter.

The sponge moistener included in the normal scope of delivery is replaced by a polymer moistener.


Brand Humidor Set Features:

  • for approx. 20 - 35 cigars (depending on format)
  • Internal volume approx. 2.3 liters
  • Root wood look
  • rounded edges
  • Lined with Spanish cedar.
  • Neatly embedded, robust chrome-plated quadrant hinges
  • Underside with felt cover
  • high-quality processed humidor
  • Sandwich construction, thus permanently free from distortion
  • Hygrometer (in this price range, hygrometers are more decorative and not accurate)
  • acrylic polymer humidifier (from us)
  • Cigar ashtray in humidor color
  • Stainless steel cigar cutter
  • with German operating instructions (from us)
  • Delivery without cigars



Outside: Width: 24.0 cm Depth: 18.0 cm Height: 8.0 cm

Inside: Width: 22.5 cm Depth: 16.5 cm Height: 6.5 cm

Angelo Humidor Gift Set Darkbrown (920600)

SKU: 4031872920604
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