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The ANGELO humidor with window is a beautiful, high-quality humidor is the perfect gift for the cigar connoisseur!

  • Preparing the humidor for use:
  • Do not put cigars in the humidor immediately after unpacking it.
  • Remove all inserts, drawers and dividers.
  • Place a flat container of distilled water in an empty humidor for a few days.
  • Fill the humidifier with special liquid or distilled water.
  • The humidifier should always be placed approximately in the center.
  • Humidity should be around 68-75%. It is controlled by a hygrometer (hogrommeters require calibration once in a while).

The humidor is now ready, you can put cigars in it.

If the humidity drops, refill the humidifier with distilled water.


Only use distilled water available from a pharmacy.
Distilled water offered in supermarkets (e.g. for ironing clothes) is often only descaled and can contain germs and mold.

When using a special liquid in the humidifier, which is only used for better evaporation of water, remember to refill it after 2-3 months at the earliest.

Angelo Humidor With Window

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