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There are a great many different styles of humidors on the market today, making it harder than ever to sort through them all to find the right one for you. The folks behind Angelo’s humidors, however, are doing their best to make it easier by offering stylish yet functional options. None is perhaps as unique as the Angelo Humidor Checkered.

The modern look of this humidor makes it a showstopper that will add a whole new level of chic to any room or office. The interwoven pattern creates a futuristic, almost three-dimensional look, which is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you reach for a cigar.

A gold-colored lock and key set match well with golden quadrant hinges to add a distinct flair to the humidor. A matching gold humidifier and digital hygrometer complete the look while delivering effective humidity control for about 50 to 70 cigars. There is plenty of room to attach the devices to the lid, as well as room to add electronic humidification systems optimized for medium-sized humidors.

The Angelo Humidor Checkered is a mesmerizing creation that offers a wonderfully contemporary style with all the personality you could want from a high-quality cigar humidor. Elevate your cigar smoking experience and add this Angelo humidor to your cigar space.


SKU: 4054184046749
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