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A humidor is a container or room (walk in humidor) used to store cigars in the appropriate air humidity (approx. 70%), which prevents the tobacco from drying out. Humidors are most often lined with Spanish cedar, because this wood is conducive to extracting the full aroma from the cigars stored in it. Hygrometers are used to measure the humidity in humidors, and special humidifiers are used to maintain the appropriate humidity. A humidor is an essential item for every cigar smoker not only during the summer but all year round.


Angelo Humidor for 35 cigars:

  • material: MDF wood/cedar veneer/glass
  • color: brown
  • capacity: 35 cigars
  • hygrometer: analog
  • humidifier: polymer
  • packaging: original manufacturer's box


Preparing the humidor for use:

  • do not put cigars in the humidor immediately after unpacking it,
  • remove all inserts, drawers and dividers,
  • place a flat container of distilled water in an empty humidor for a few days,
  • fill the humidifier with a special liquid or distilled water,
  • the humidifier should always be fixed in the center of the humidor lid,
  • humidity should be around 70%. It is controlled by a hygrometer which should also be attached in the center of the humidor lid,
  • the humidor is ready, you can put cigars in it,
  • if the humidity drops, refill the humidifier with distilled water.
  • when using a special liquid in the humidifier, which is only used for better evaporation of water, remember to refill it after 2-3 months at the earliest.

Angelo CA Humidor With Glass

SKU: 4031872920116
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