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The ALADIN Soft Touch Hookah Hose cames in 6 colors Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Clear. That hookah hoses is a premium quality product that offers an elegant and stylish look to your hookah set up. 


Made from High-Quality materials and featuring soft-touch silicone constraxtion. This hookah hoses is disigned to provide the ultimate smoking experience. With a flexible body and a comfortable grip, it allows you to take smooth and satisfying puffs with ease. 


The sturdy and reliable design ensures long-lasting use and makes it a perfect addition to your hookah collection and it is easy to clean. 


So enhance your smoking session with the Aladin Soft Touch Hookah Hose today! 

ALADIN Soft Touch Hookah Hose in 6 Colors

SKU: 4260133373198
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