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The ALADIN Hookah Mouthpiece M370 - Aluminum - 25cm With Hose Connector is the perfect addition to any shisha stet ups. It is made in Germany and made with high-quality aluminum. This mouthpieces is both stylish and functional.

The MVP mouthpieces has a length of 25cm and this making it comfortable to hold while smoking. The aluminium materials ensures durability and longevity, while the colorfull anodized finish adds a stylish touch. 

The mouthpiece is a universal connection and fits most hookah hoses. 

The ALADIN Hookah Aluminium mouthpiece MVP is an essential accessory for any shisha enthusiast who wants to elevate their smoking experience.

ALADIN Hookah Mouthpiece MPV Aluminum - 25cm With Hose Connector

SKU: 4260133375352
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