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Bree's Riesling reveals a brilliant, shimmering light yellow color in the glass. In the glass, this white wine from Peter Mertes offers aromas of peaches, nectarines, apricots, vineyard peaches and plums, complemented by other fruity nuances. The Bree Riesling can rightly be described as exceptionally fruity and velvety, as it was vinified with a pleasantly sweet flavor profile. This light white wine presents itself light-footed and complex on the palate. With its lively fruit acidity, the Bree Riesling is exceptionally fresh and lively on the palate. In the finish, this from the Rhein Hessen wine-growing region inspires with a beautiful length. Once again there are echoes of Mirabelle plums and vineyard peaches.

The elegant Bree Riesling from Germany is a varietal wine made from the Riesling grape variety. After the harvest, the grapes quickly reach the winery. Here they are selected and carefully ground. Fermentation then takes place in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures. After fermentation is complete, the Bree Riesling can continue to harmonize on the fine lees for a few months. After the wine is finished, the Bree Riesling is carefully harmonized.

Recommended for this wine is to enjoy well chilled at 8 - 10°C as an accompanying wine with vegetable salad with beetroot, asparagus salad with quinoa or fried trout with ginger and pear.


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